Rhythm Divine

After what seemed like ages, I danced. I danced to the tune of the music which replaced itself with the humdrum of my pulse. After what felt like an eternity, I found myself engulfed with all the emotions all at once. The emotions merged together and the rhythm of my body took me to an unknown place. I sank in the deep, still waters that were now alive. I couldn’t keep my head above the water, knowing fully well that I didn’t want to see anything within my line of perception. For once, I wanted to experience illusion and mirage, desire and fantasy and oblivion and the insurmountable. I danced with the memories of my past and shared moments with my acquaintances, loved ones and the people who encircled me at some point or the other in my life. I danced and wept. I wept for the loss and recovery, the mistakes and amends, the wounds and the remedies, the love and the hate, the angst and the surety and everything in between. I let the music overwhelm me and for the first time in my life, I cried out of freedom. I felt that I reached the zenith of liberty, where I can be unscathed and untouched and uninhibited and uninhabited by pain, suffering or dilemma. I think what is utterly and wholly unperceivable is what reality is. Only when you transcend to a state of pure tranquility, where you know no bounds, is where reality and inner peace unite, fuse, combine and collide. I’ve never been a fan of being a loner or spending time on my own, but, today changed my perception of things. I was my own companion, my own anchor, my own confidant. I found myself lurking into places within my soul that I’ve never visited. Dancing helped me rip my soul apart, helped me become vulnerable to the actual feeling of salvation, victory and redemption. I had lost faith in who I was as a person, I was letting my mistakes and my past define who I was and who I thought I might become. As I let my hair down and surrendered to the music, I became a performer. A performer on the stage, not looking for external validation but being the source of wholeness and completeness. I embraced my wrong moves and like someone rightly said, “The heart has its reasons and they are not debate topics,” I stopped debating and struggling with my heart. For those few minutes, I stopped letting self-doubt and self-pity overcome me. I won. I won despite myself. I won because I gave in to what gave me meaning. I won because for a few moments, I tasted all the flavours that life has to offer and I won because I acknowledged and identified all of them. I let the rhythm declare me the victor. I won in this strange, strange world.











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