3 am Thoughts.



Keep her in your eyes like you’ve been deprived of them. Keep her in your 3 am thoughts. In your inhibitions, in your senses. Keep her attached to an inseparable sense of freedom and let her taste your charisma from afar, keep her in your sidelong glances, keep her in your voice, which she couldn’t and wouldn’t want to stop listening to, keep her in the feeling you get when you brush your hand, extremely briefly on her right shoulder which makes her travel the whole sphere of self love and a sense of belonging, keep her in the hours of your distress and keep her in the void you feel when you’re so full of life, you need death. Keep her in your closed eyes, not when you’re dreaming, but just in your closed eyes where you weave and spin a garment of the memories you had of her; the way she walked past you without making a noise yet creating a storm within you, the way her eyes constantly tried to grip every bit of your emotional and physical presence, the way she seemed yours, but  made you feel otherwise, the way she sat there, looking at you in wonderment and awe and admiration, but what she really did was make you lose your heart and pull it and tug at it with her excruciatingly beautiful hands and most of all, the way she let you gaze at her, without creating a flinch of doubt, ever, that you’re lost in her beauty. Keep her in the silence with which you gaze at her unfeigned beauty, keep her in the moment of recognition when you’re acknowledged for being alive and don’t forget to keep her in the realm of the universe where you belong with your nuances and niches and the stars you, so rightfully, call yours.


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