Month: May 2016

3 am Thoughts.

    Keep her in your eyes like you’ve been deprived of them. Keep her in your 3 am thoughts. In your inhibitions, in your senses. Keep her attached to an inseparable sense of freedom and let her taste your charisma from afar, keep her … Continue reading 3 am Thoughts.



Then, we stayed silent as the crevices in our relationship narrowed. We remained still, unable to speak, unable to act on the labyrinth of emotions that was us. Unable to exhibit the emotional turmoil we went through in those two weeks when we were apart. … Continue reading Crevices.



This year, all I can fathom about are the ‘lasts’. The last time we took a school vacay. The last time we own a defective desk. The last time I sit in a classroom comprising teenagers who pretend to be adults. The last time when … Continue reading Lasts.