Isn’t it strange that we never got a picture clicked together and yet I remember all of you,every tiny detail and each speck of the moments I spent with you. The day you watched me dance on that stage surrounded by a thousand spectators and told me how beautifully I performed. You didn’t notice the terrible,terrible mistakes I made. That is why, you were you. Out of all the people watching me dance,you were you. They would’ve put my performance under scrutiny and would’ve nit-picked. You didn’t notice the faults,did you? You noticed how my limbs worked,magically. It was magic to you, wasn’t it,sweetheart?I still remember how you looked into my eyes and that very day, my kohl rimmed eyes held meaning. You said I had these impeccably wonderful eyes. Do you know what was and will always be more wonderful? The way you shot me those shy glances.Your sister’s smile. Your voice on the radio. I recall all of it,darling. I still remember when you cried. For me. Because of me. The only thing that I’ll never forget is when I returned your ‘I love you’ with ‘I know’.


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  1. hey! great writing, but i think there’s a little bit of breathlessness in the text.
    It’s just an opinion, but maybe a few more pauses ought to make it better.
    A change in paragraph, to emphasize the meaning of the words being said. to make more sense in the reader’s head. 🙂


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