As I walked down the street, earplugs in my ears, weariness in my mind and  heaviness in my heart, I realized the fairy lights didn’t have the same effect on me. They just shone there, deprived of their gleam. I just glared at them,you know? They reminded me of you. Of how your face reflected those fairy lights. I walk down the same street where we walked, hand in hand. It seemed to me that since you were gone, the brightness of the lights dissolved with you,too. It’s a time to celebrate and here I am,feeling nothing. Except you. Your scent. My hands in your hair,your hands around my cheeks.  Your face which had always been brighter than those lights,sweetheart. Those empty streets were leading me to you but I wasn’t getting nowhere. I was walking about in circles, trying to figure out the spaces between the sentences we had written together. Then it all came back to me. They say you never forget your first love. I guess, I’ll live my whole life trying to forget it.


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