Month: September 2015


I miss you. I miss you like the humid days miss the sun,like the plants miss water when they’re parched,like the lips await a kiss right in the morning,like the Gods wait for appreciation,like the moon awaits the sun,like the old awaits the new. Oh,darling,why … Continue reading DISILLUSIONED.



And it hits you. That element which served as an essential one,has suddenly vanished. Yes,you have your whole life ahead of you. Yes,you have innumerable things to do that take your mind off that element. And yes,you can move on. But do you really want … Continue reading ESSENTIAL.



Sometimes, I despise promises. Not because they say they’re meant to be broken, but, because they are synonymous with obligations and compulsions. Can’t faith be a promise in itself? Can’t we not be fooled by promises, false or not, and live our relations as they … Continue reading Promise.



I lost you. Somewhere between the converging lines,we,now, stand on parallels. I lost you,somewhere between merging thoughts and overlapping feelings,I lost you. I lost you. Somewhere between coinciding faith and belief, now we’re two notions,two factions. I lost you. Somewhere between the same flesh and … Continue reading Misplaced.


Changing change.

The clichéd line: the only thing constant is change.’ is very true. However,the type of change that takes place,is very much in our hands. I’m not saying the Gandhian phrase,’be the change you want to witness,’ I’m just saying,that change needs to have a direction and we,as humans,many a times have the remote control of change. If one has changed,we have a problem. If they don’t change,that’s a problem,too! So how can we possibly define what kind of a change we really want! The breaking point is: change should be flexible. If we change for good and a person doesn’t reciprocate, then what? We meet almost all their demands, rectify almost all our faults (I say almost because one can’t fundamentally change his nature),works hard to make good the losses he had incurred because of his follies, but,then again, fail to make them content.Then, what? Do we wait? Do we give up? Or do we keep striving hard to get our relationship back to the starting point? I really, really want to know. Granted, change is necessary, but, can anyone, tell me, for once, is it really hard to get a person past the haunting past and live today, free from the shackles of it?